Why Kindness Was Key To Surviving 2020

Wow, what a year it has been. 2020 will be remembered for a long time to come. For many of us, it has been filled with countless challenges, stresses, and unforeseeable changes. We have made it through months of isolation, working from home (many of us with very full households!) and going without so many of the essential activities that keep us sane. The lack of barista-made coffee had us going through some serious withdrawals! But that all being said, 2020 was also a year of growth, new-found passions, valuable family time, and so much more.

We saw a new side to humanity this year, an unprecedented kindness that emerged due to us all being united in our struggles. New Zealand banded together as a team of five million. We saw this especially in our workplaces, with businesses doing everything they could to support their staff. From encouraging flexible working hours and reducing workloads, to providing mental health webinars and support programmes, and even going out of the way to secure new roles for those valuable team members some businesses were sadly not able to hold onto.

Even those that could not offer people employment themselves still pitched in to help, check out some awesome posts below from a few of our clients, helping their communities! Whilst this year has been incredibly tough, it provided a unique opportunity for businesses and individuals to show compassion, kindness, and generosity. Qualities that are proven to greatly increase employees’ wellbeing as well as strengthening a positive culture in the workplace, both of which are so valuable to our teams during this tough time.

The year is not over yet! Christmas is fast approaching and that means holidays. This summer break is probably one of the most highly anticipated and well-deserved breaks we have had in many years, with employees and businesses alike having gone through a rollercoaster of stress and anxiety. This is a tough time for many, and kindness and compassion between us as people, and in the workplace is needed now more than ever to help ensure everyone has a restful and relaxing break so that we can all start fresh again in 2021!

Here are some really easy ways businesses can help employees feel valued and appreciated this Christmas:

1. Write them a personal Christmas card thanking them for all their hard work this year – show your appreciation!

2. Publicly acknowledge your team, it could be a social media shoutout or a note in one of your emails or blogs. Tell your customers how much you value your team, not only will your team feel appreciated, but your customers will also love seeing the importance you place on your team.

3. Put some extra thought into your Christmas party. The year of 2020 deserves to end with a bang (but let’s make it a positive one!) make this year’s Christmas party one where all employees can get involved and feel like an important member of the team. Create some lasting memories!

4. Don’t be afraid to acknowledge the challenges you’ve faced this year, but put a positive spin on it, looking forward to a positive and amazing 2021!

We have survived a year of utter craziness; it will be one for the books. But with all the struggles came a lot of learnings, which will help to ensure 2021 is our best year yet. Merry Christmas!


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