The Secret To Our Success

When you think of recruitment, what do you picture? An overwhelming and time-consuming process of countless applications arriving via email, Seek, LinkedIn? Hours spent reading through every single application trying to determine if they could be right for your business? A multitude of phone calls and emails trying to organise interviews?  A sigh of relief at the end of a manic couple of days, if not hours, when you finally have a successful candidate ready to join the team.

Well at Paragon we do things a little differently. We are about offering unique and intelligent bespoke services. An offering that can sound a bit too good to be true but trust us, we’ve made it possible. The secret to our success? Technology. Not the answer you were expecting? Let us explain. 

Finding a perfect professional match every single time is no simple task. We know just how many unique components factor into a successful hire, and we decided to find a way to ensure success every time. This is why we use an applicant tracking system called Teamtailor to organise, automate and create unique resources to help your business be seen. Using technology helps us do the things that truly matter. 

We truly promote your brand above and beyond a simple job description. We help you stand out from the crowd with a personalised career site all about your business and the roles you have available. Before creating your site we sit down with you to learn about your business, your values, and the roles you have. We then incorporate these into your career site. We also have webchat available so candidates can contact us whenever they have a question about your company or a role. 

We have streamlined and professionalised the way we engage with candidates, allowing us to keep them as up to date as possible. We have a fantastic talent pool, and we follow a rigorous process to keep our candidates well informed. Our applicant tracking system helps us ensure all our processes can be kept track of and completed for every candidate.  

We are also able to learn from our candidates. We have many fantastic feedback tools that we use along the recruitment process to understand how candidates found the experience and where there are areas for improvement. This could range from wanting additional information about a role to a needing quicker response to their application. We are continually using this feedback to improve our engagement with candidates and then helping you create better job descriptions. 

Applicant tracking systems aren’t something every business can have access to, they are a big investment due to the value they provide and so we love being able to use our insights, resources, and tools to help SME’s be seen by the right candidates and ultimately grow their business with the right people on their team. 

Now we don’t want to sound cliché here… but we believe technology is the way of the future! It is an integral part of Paragon Recruitment’s success as we know that providing bespoke, intelligent services to our clients is what it’s all about. We can easily manage candidates, help businesses stand out from the crowd, and receive insights and feedback that allow us to truly understand our candidates and identify the right fit for your business.

Now you know the secret to our success! Want to know even more? Get in touch with Stephanie today at